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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 26, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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this thursday, january the 26th, 2012. i'm shepard smith. for the journalists of fox news, thanks for trusting us for news and information. and for making fox news number one in cable. here's bill. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> what has been said about newt is pretty much true because he is not really a conservative. >> the hard right going after newt gingrich but, why? what did he do to the conservative movement? laura ingraham has some thoughts. >> we have thrown away the great process of assimilation. the melting pot where everybody speaks english, studies american literature. i think it could kill the united states of america. >> bill: pat buchanan off the air on msnbc apparently for stuff he has written in his new book about the rise of minorities in the u.s.a. we will hear both sides of this intense controversy.
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>> [bleep] >> and after watching a vicious attack on an asian teenager, a father turns in his own son. now, he may be having second thoughts. >> he is the only one [inaudible] >> megyn kelly will analyze. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why are some conservative americans demeaning newt gingrich? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first, the latest poll from florida, rasmussen surveyed 750 likely primary voters yesterday. and found that mitt romney is favored by 39%. gingrich 31. rick santorum 12% and ron paul 1. very good news for mitt romney. earlier this week you heard
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ann coulter on this smash newt gingrich. she believes he is not committed to the conservative cause and he would get hammered by president obama in the general election. there is no question that many prominent conservatives are siding with coulter. listen to tom delay, once a close ally of newt gingrich. >> what has been said about newt is pretty much true. he had to step down because the republics, the conservative republics wouldn't vote for him again as speaker. >> why? >> well, because is he not really a conservative. when he was speaker, he was erratic, undisciplined. >> now, talking points believes ideology will not play much of a role in the general election, committed republicans. committed democrats of president obama. it is the independent vote that will win the election. independents who belief president obama is not up to the job. the don't care that mr. obama is a social justice guy. they just want performance,
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particularly in the economy. at this point, it looks like america will improve economically in the next nine months and that will help the president. if the republic candidate is a controversial person, that might also help mr. obama and certainly newt gingrich is explosive. however, there is no doubt that some conservative voters reject what tom delay and ann coulter are saying. they see mr. gingrich as an avenger. someone who will not take any guff from the president or the media that support him. right now that is the speaker's main attraction. i must say i am surprised by the right wing. i have known the speaker for about 10 years. to me, he is a bonafide conservative. he may wander off the reservation stimsz, but that simply shows he is not a zombie. if a year ago somebody told me that the committed right would be attacking newt gingrich on ideology, i would have laughed. scornfully. but that is what is happening today. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight.
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reaction joining us from reaction, fox news analyst radio talk show star laura ingraham who is of course, a conservative american, are you surprised that ann coulter and tom delay are going after gingrich. >> well, i guess i look at it this way. gingrich obviously ruffled a lot of feathers for a lot of reasons when he was here in washington. remember he was the boogie man of the left because they thought he actually was a pretty effective spokesman for conservatism and i went back and looked at the cover of the "weekly standard," bill, from 1995. and it was -- the cover was a big cartoon of gingrich. just had him with some kind of gun. it was a permanent offense. basically he was the face in the mid 90's of conservatism. so he was kind of the caricature of the left but embraced by the right. you look at the club for growth web site. their white paper on gingrich. they say look, you know, he was a stall worth defender of the free enterprise principles. he wanders off and supports
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tax credit for biofuels and hydrogen cars and stuff like that. and there are things like that that he does that kind of makes you wonder okay, if he gets into office, is he going to start pushing through a cap and trade program? >> bill: i'm for tax credits for alternative energy if it has promise. that's a good thing for the nation. i don't think americans are against that. >> yeah. right, well, bill. let's not forget, yesterday in florida. i believe in sarasota. 4200 people showed up to see gingrich. >> that doesn't mean anything, because miller and i, me alone i sold out. >> people lively down there. they want to see. >> they want fun. that's true. he had some mojo going. romney has picked up a lot in the polls because he had a great debate performance and going on the offense. >> i think florida is a totally different situation in south carolina. let me run these names down. chris christie hammers, hammers newt gingrich.
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george will, elliott abrams. -- >> i know they -- i understand they don't like him. they are not endorsing anyone in this race. >> why don't they like anymore i don't dislike him. >> i think, again, there are a a lot of conservatives though ho rightly look at gingrich and they think if he gets into office and he starts doing all this crazy moon colony stuff and all this stuff. >> bill: wait a minute, we have to say what the moon colony is the speaker said yesterday in florida because he was on the space coast if he gets elected we are going to have moon colonies before 20025, something like that? >> i would have to some people like it put in moon colonies
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basically here in washington. gave this big speech. i'm a space person. i like space and i think we should be doing more in space. nevertheless, if you are a conservative and you are concerned about our fiscal standing. you can make an argument while this is a great idea. not when you have $15 trillion of debt. so, they are worried that gingrich would represent the face of conservative, right? and everybody invested in him but he won't be conservative. that's what they are doing. >> did you see coulter on here? she is on monday night. >> i missed it. >> coulter is here. >> she is on my show. >> really. >> yeah. coulter is here and you don't get more conservative than coulter. >> simply put she believes bad for conservative. >> talking to coulter off camera. pretty tough on gingrich. i'm surprised because i was. when coulter came out and started banging gingrich like she bangs the left. i went whoa. so you know what it's all about? i'm not giving away anything. because i think ann would probably tell you the same thing. it's all about coulter and
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other people in the republic hierarchy who really have a dog in the hunt. because they despise president obama. that's what binds all of these conservatives together. >> they want to beat obama as do i. >> they don't think that gingrich can do it. they simply don't think that he can beat him in the general election. too polarized. don't think that women and minorities are going to give him a look. rom? i a much smoother presentation. >> women turned out for gingrich in south carolina. he won over an enormous amount of people. >> bill: it's different though. >> it is what it is. all i'm saying is go back to the mid 1990s. newt gingrich was the face of the conservative movement. >> bill: what it's all about in your opinion. you agree it's all about electability here? >> yeah. >> bill: i think that's what it. >> a lot of people think romney, his demeanor which is a moderate demeanor. they believe and i think there is a good case that he will govern as a conservative. gingrich is voice ter russ and belligerent.
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he will stay conservative but not govern as conservative. that is a bad for the movement. they want to defeat obama. >> you are not going to endorse anybody? >> i haven't because, guess what, i have learned more about this campaign and these candidates every single day. and i'm still learning. i'm going to learn a little bit more. >> bill: learning curve now? >> look, i endorsed romney last time around and i made a decision for my listeners. i wanted to have ongoing conversation candidate. including rick santorum. here ms. laura, thank you. next on the run down. michele bachmann is going to be right here. happy out of the political brawl and who does she think is going to win the republic nomination. megyn kelly on whether the national park service is breaking the law by allowing the occupy protesters to live on federal land. we're coming right back. ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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i'll be right here, waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain. not that you were. you weren't. but if you were a contender you would be getting hammered right now. are you happy you are out of that? >> well, that's part of the fray. you do get the ♪ beaten out of you. that's the way the system works and it's actually a good system. i defend the process. this the toughest job in the world. i actually enjoyed the
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process. it made me a better person. the toughest thing about -- >> bill: do you wish right now that you were, quote, getting the snot beat out of you. do you wish that were happening to you right now? >> i wish i was requesting to be on the debate stage. i loved the debates. i wish i could have been a part of every single debate. i wanted to answer every question. it's a wonderful process because it helps to explain positions to people across the united states and explain why barack obama can't have a second term. it's a wonderful process. >> bill: okay, now, laura ingraham and i just discussed the right going after newt gingrich pretty hard. chris christie, bob dole, george will, ann coulter are all hammering gingrich. are you surprised by that and why do you think that's happening? >> no. it's going to continue in the until the voters make their decision who our nominee will be. this will keep up and you will see people in various camps. this will continue until the voters decide. it may be florida. >> bill: why is the right
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going after what used to be a standard bearer. that surprised me. i didn't think they were going to do that. >> they will continue to go after whoever rises to the top. >> bill: why would curve republics go after holy spirit whoever -- go after whoever rises to the top? >> i'm talking about stall worth who don't want president obama reelected. they are going after newt gingrich in a big way. i think that's pretty surprising. >> again, it's whoever is at the top. and people are divided up into various camps. and they are going to go -- you are going to see names going after certain candidates. for me, i intend to play a unifying role. i want this party to come together. i want independents to be attracted to our candidate. because i am committed to making sure that barack obama doesn't have a second term. i said all throughout the campaign. >> bill: who is the stronger candidate right now, right now against obama? of all four -- >> let me finish saying.
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>> bill: if you don't want to answer just say people understand. four guys competing in florida right now. you know them all compete against them all. who is the stronger today? which one? >> i am not going to answer that question. >> bill: okay. i respect that. >> i do believe -- because i do believe as i said through the campaign that this is the last exit ramp for the country. if we don't get it right this time, we may not be able to get our way back. but this process is doing the vetting that needs to be con. >> okay. now, mitt romney very, very competitive. going down a little bit. and i think it's because of ann coulter and bob dole and chris christie and they're putting doubt in the minds of the conservative hierarchy in florida. going gee, if all of these people don't like him, tom delay. tom delay, if all of them
8:16 pm
don't like him and it's personal, very personal this stuff, there must be something wrong there. i don't know how toth the speaker can -- how can he mitigate that. >> whoever goes to the top, if you go all the way back to august. whoever goes to the top. they don't stay there very long and they go straight down. and people have a very short shelf life. it's almost like the voters have whiplash. they go from one candidate to the other. they meet completely go with one candidate and hear some information and move away. people are looking for perfection. at a certain point, they will recognize we have to have a standard bearer. i think florida's result will be decisive. whichever way it goes. i think it will be decisive because winner take all. >> bill: whoever wins florida you think is going to get the nomination? >> i don't know if i'm going that far. >> bill: congresswoman decisive that's the word. >> it will be decisive in that
8:17 pm
we could see a few candidates drop cut and i think it could be a rallying point. because it's winner take all. even though we have a long way to go to get the requisite number of delegates. the fact on the ground is that you have to have money to be able to keep the mother ship going. >> bill: the money will come. >> in that's the determiner. >> bill: always a pleasure to speak with you. thanks for coming on. brand new bill o' poll question. we are asking you has the factor been fair so far in covering the campaigns? yes or no. have we been fair? and we would like to you vote on bill o' if you say no, tell us why we haven unfair. most controversial story of the evening. pat buchanan says america is in decline because the structure is giving way to minority upsurge. take a look at that in just a few moments. ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs. ♪
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight the very liberal msnbc network has taken pat buchanan off the air because of stuff he wrote in a book called suicide of a super power. decline of christianity in america has led to a cultural collapse and acceleration of minority immigration has damaged the political process. here is what he said yesterday. >> we is seen at war with one another. you have huge numbers of folks, millions coming in every year from cultures and countries and civilizations that have never been assimilated. i think it could kill the united states of america. >> bill: joining us now from washington radio talk show host sandy rios and cathy roo editor at "the washington post" magazine. i know you disagree with mr. buchanan. we will talk about that in main. this isn't the first time he has said.
8:22 pm
this he has been saying this for years. >> a lot of people were suspicious he was a white supremacist, by writing this book it's clear. >> i don't think is he a white supremacist. he i think he is making a point that the melting pot, the we are all one nation under god is done and he believes that is weakening the nation. i don't think that he thinks that white people are better than black people or better than minorities. i didn't get that at all. that's your opinion. you think he is a white supremacist and i'm a member of the mickey mouse club. that's your opinion. should msnbc have taken the man off the air when he has said this stuff for years. >> yes. but it was never so obvious. he hinted at it and it was kind of there. but writing this book it is in black and white. written it, someone from the kkk had writtent now you find out pat buchanan wrote this book. >> bill: you think that msnbc is right to take him off the
8:23 pm
air. >> yes is he extremist. >> bill: litmus test you fire extremists. nbc would have nobody on. nobody on. >> i don't agree with that. >> they are not extremists over there? >> i don't think. >> bill: you watch the network? >> al sharpton, people have said. >> bill: not an extremists. >> i do not think. >> bill: no? al sharpton is not but buchanan is. >> you have agreed many times on many topics. >> bill: trying to find common ground with everybody. if you are going to say one person extremist and another who devoted his whole life to putting forth one point of view, and that's the reverend sharpton, sometimes i agree, sometimes i disagree. certainly, all right. what do you say, sandy. let's deal with msnbc. should they have taken -- i'm sure you say no they shouldn't have taken him off the air. but what has written is very provocative, is it not. >> i will tell you what's extreme here bill. that's the assault on first
8:24 pm
amendment rights. this country founded by founding fathers with the right to political free speech. it was the first amendment. it wasn't the 10th. t was the first. you had a right to free speech. let me tell you what happens in other country. i was in cambodia in the s 21 prison where they placed and rounded up all the incident electric actuals like the pat buchanan who's said things they did not like. they put them in prison. can you still see the bloodstains on the floor. the beds where they were. that's what they do. we are a nation that believes in the free exchange of ideas. >> bill: here is where i disagree with you. you are right. buchanan has the right to say whatever he wants to say as long as it's not endangering someone. msnbc is a private operation. all right? they can hire and fire whoever they want. so, it's their prerogative to put him on the air or not. my thing is, buchanan is not saying anything now that he hasn't said before in plenty of different forums. they knew it when they hired him that's what they were getting. now they go we don't like it
8:25 pm
now. >> bill, i have to say when i was reading this stuff getting ready for the interview. i was reminded of how really great pat buchanon is. what a great thinker to. shut him up because you are a friday what he has to say? >> what was great about his thought? >> oh my gosh, is he talking about. he is not talking about the spreer or the of inferiority. talking about the lack of assimilation. founded on principles in which people of all colors. >> bill: don't some people assimilate and some people don't? >> no, no, no. the differences that our system has weakened. we used to have a great immigration system where people went through a process. they learned our constitution. they learned our language and then they became citizens. they became americans adopting the principles of freedom. now we don't do that now we are in tribes. we are separated. we are set against each other. >> bill: let me give cathy the last word on it go. >> we are in tribes now? we are fighting each other? >> yes, i think so. >> this system is not broken.
8:26 pm
it is a -- has always been like this. >> it has not, cathy. you must be really young. >> bill: go ahead. >> why, thank you. every group that has come to this country have assimilated the exact same way. first generation doesn't tend to learn the language. their children learn the language. eat the foods, enjoy our culture. they assimilate. >> cathy, it's not like it used to be. sorry. it isn't. our education system does not teach the children about constitution or any of our constitution, our history. no. it's different. >> bill: don't teach that to white people either. i'm not taking any sides on. this that's why i said it's not a race issue. it's a lack of assimilation. >> bill: people should check out pat buchanan's book tore themselves. >> absolutely. it's great book. >> bill: plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. jay leno tells a joke and sued. kelly whether the service violating law by letting occupiers live on federal
8:27 pm
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>> comedian jay leno sued by indian american saying a joke he told buy mitt romney religion here is the joke. >> the other day did he behind the scenes look at all the presidential candidates' homes and where they live. quite revealing. take a look. >> here is a look at some the g.o.p. candidates' homes. their crib. >> impressive. newt gingrich has a a 200 square foot estate in virginia. >> ron paul put his 4 bedroom ranch house in market. look at mitt romney's summer home on lake. [ applause ] >> the building shown there is the golden temple, a sacred site in the sikh religion. joining us from s. gretchen carlson and margaret hoover. this is a dopey lawsuit. it will be thrown out.
8:31 pm
do that stuff under the banner of satire. the question is are some people taking their religion in america too seriously? we know you can get killed for mocking mohammed in the middle east, all right, in muslim countries, can you be executed for doing that here we have a more secular plural his stick society are some people overdoes it. >> some team are overdoing it. you don't overdo it christmas time russell peters did that canadian spoof and he had pamela anderson be the virgin mary. some of your viewers were upset by that you i can i can separate my religion from what i believe. >> bill: i thought it was stupid. we thought it was dumb. we didn't endorse it. but i wasn't offended by it. i mean, because it means nothing. it means nothing to me as a christian. that doesn't mean a thing. go ahead. >> what i think you have here though, this guy is in california. he has filed this lawsuit, by the way, in the los angeles
8:32 pm
county superior court. what we have here is a case of over will he litigiousness. >> that's why people who file frivolous lawsuits should have to pay court costs. i know people who take their religion ultra seriously. if you tell a joke or this or that, they go crazy. >> i'm the perfect person to ask that question to because many times on this show i defend christianity. >> bill: there is a difference between. >> that's my point. there is a fine line. couple things. i think they did this lawsuit to get attention. we are talking about this right now. >> bill: sikh religion. >> it's not a very well known religion across america. >> bill: he thinks this is going to help? >> this will get people to be more understanding of this religion. >> bill: let me get this straight, carlson, this is going to get people to be more understankt sikh religion that they sue jay leno for that little joke?
8:33 pm
>> they will hear about it. here is the other thing. i do think that sometimes comedians fall under the umbrella of being funny then they can get away with stuff they shouldn't say. >> bill: i would have used that joke. >> my example i thought it was really funny. "saturday night live" when they did the jesus thing with tim tebow that i thought was over the top. >> the point of this joke wasn't even religious. this was a rich joke against mitt romney. >> bill: it's a sacred temple. >> the point of the sacred temple. >> bill: new hampshire, it's not it's in india. >> builded in gold. mitt romney rich guy running for president. >> bill: is that the joke? i didn't even get that. >> if anyone should be suing anyone it's mitt romney saying >> bill: new hampshire saying we don't stuff like that. he should sue, everybody should sue. i respect religion, you know that but people have got to have a little sense of humor
8:34 pm
about it. >> which is why i have the theory. >> the deity is not going to want to hang around with you unless you have a little bit of sense of humor. >> not sikh religion. there is no vengeance or will he litigiousness. passive. the spirit of the religion for them to be suing in america. >> i will say on "fox & friends," when occasionally we have talked about a story that involves the sikh religion, we get a ton of email from people who are very passionate about that religion. they don't want -- this is not the first time i have heard. this. >> bill: it's very akin, i love that word, akin to the muslims. have you got to be very -- this is their whole life. they don't want you running them down on any level. we have to be aware of that very much. my point final point here about the deity wants, you know, a sense of humor. look who is the number one cable person in the country, right here. >> that's a huge joke.
8:35 pm
>> by the deety, nothing is megyn kelly on the national park service under fire for helping the occupy movement. and then the great american news quiz, the academy award edition. we have classic clips to show you upcoming. across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the kelly file segment tonight. the occupy wall street people are camping out on federal land in washington, d.c. and have been for months much the head of the national park service was called to testify in front of a house committee. >> my job as a 35 year veteran of the national park service is to protect the individuals' rights under the first amendment. when each protests, each -- >> wait a second. to protect their rights under the first amendment. is it not also your job to
8:39 pm
enforce the law? >> absolutely it's my job. >> is it against the law to camp. >> the courts have afforded us a great deal of discretion in how we enforce the law in order to protect the first amendment. >> bill: here now to analyze attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. so the occupy wall street people in d.c. breaking the law? first of all? >> technically, yes, they are. >> bill: so technically the law says no camping out without a permit. >> camping. that's the distinction. if it's just a protest it's one thing. if it mores into camping, that's another thing. let the viewers -- >> bill: they have been living there for six months. >> there is no question that the national park service has the authority to kick them out. >> okay. so, the congressman who was quizzing the national park director is correct. he isn't not upholding the letter of the law. he is not. >> he does have some discretion. if they are camping chronically as they have been. is he clear he has the authority to keep them out. he says he wants to be careful because you don't want to
8:40 pm
quick out one group and not kick out another group. and in the beginning when they started to camp that was one thing. he said he reason for not pushing it then. he didn't want to oxygenate their cause which is by its very nature to occupy. >> bill: that's a rationalization. it's b.s., it's dumb. can i shed that guy in a minute. won't come on here. you are much more courageous. what i'm concerned about is the letter of the law. >> he has the right. >> he was the what? >> he has the right to kick them out. >> bill: right. if he doesn't kick them out, which he isn't, that opens up the door for every outfit to camp out on every part of the national park system under the guise of protests. >> especially now. >> bill: i'm going to get the shakers, me and shakers are going to go out. look tum. shakers, shaker protests. >> they don't want to camp with you, bill. >> bill: you know where i'm going? yosemite. i'm going to camp out right in the nicest part me and the
8:41 pm
shakers. >> no precedent for allowing the protesters to camp overnight for three months. >> bill: i'm very familiar with this because i had a run-in with one of these kooks. they are right in the middle of town. you can't get around them there. >> they admit and the neighbors are really upset because -- >> -- it's outrageous. >> even the occupy protesters. >> bill: not only that drugs. they have a sanitary problem there. >> they are bad. >> bill: cops are under siege there. >> cost the taxpayers $1.6 million in clean-up costs. >> bill: i say we have to fire this national parks director. >> no. >> bill: no? >> the guy is now going to enforce the law. >> bill: now? enforced embarrassed him. >> start ticketing people. they are not going to do a forcible evacuations. >> bill: i'm sure they are going to pay that ticket. you have to be somewhat open-minded on this. >> i'm never open-minded. >> protesting at the heart of america and what they do. >> bill: bring in the violins now, please. >> would you feel differently if this was a bunch of
8:42 pm
pro-life people. >> bill: i don't care who it is. >> really? >> bill: yeah. i don't care hot guy is. i want the why to enforce the law or get out. >> is he not violating the law by giving them a pass. is he using his discretion. >> bill: he is not looking out for the folk. >> now is he about to. now they are going to get a nasty ticket. >> bill: chicago. a bunch of teenagers beat up asian, there is rivalry of some kind. let's roll the tape on this -- not yet. let me set t up. chicago, a bunch of teenagers beat up asian teenager. >> who they said had beat on them earlier. >> it's, of course, videotaped by some girl and goes on the internet. the father sees it, turns his own son in. now we can roll the tape. [[bleep] there are six others that are involved in this. they are sitting at home free.
8:43 pm
they can go to school. education my son has got to sit in jail and his education is going down the tubes. >> that's because the kid was 17 and charged as an adult and others are micious and they didn't get the charges that the 17-year-old got. >> that father in law enforcement. the kid whose hood came out. identifiable. he calls up and turns his own son. in under illinois law under 17 you get charged as an adult automatically. >> bill: $100,000 bail. >> he can't make it. >> no, he can't come close to it. >> prosecutor charged it as first degree robbery and aggravated battery and aggravated robbery. and that means this kid is facing 2 to a years on each charge and $100,000 bail. the others are in juvy and facing suspension from school. >> bill: they got them all. under 17 won't be punished as much. i feel forked dad but he did the right thick.
8:44 pm
this kid could have been killed. he could have been killed. >> if u watch the whole three to four minute tape play out. >> bill: it's horrific. >> so much more horrifying than the clip you just showed. >> sadistic. the father did the right thing. he has to support his son i understand. >> in the future parents thinking about, this it helps out if you would reach out to the prosecutor and talk about maybe how to charge the case prior to this. he could have done some damage control. >> bill: negotiate with the lawyer? >> yeah. >> bill: good advice, kelly. oscar edition of the news quiz. calling out nancy pelosi over a veiled threat. coming right back. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.?
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>> bill: great american news quiz academy award edition.
8:48 pm
awards announced this week. i have seen none of the movies. i know nothing about modern cinema. that's spooky because i used to review films in college. i was the regular rex reid without the accent. martha maccallum playing for carter. and playing for warsaw indiana. the academy awards, there are 10 pictures nominated. 10. none of them, i don't know. >> i saw money ball. >> bill: the silent movie. >> i haven't seen. >> bill: win already. >> it's supposed to be good. >> supposed to be good. >> i think it would be worth it. >> bill: not enough to get my 15 bucks. they have to come to my house and drive me to the theater for that here is question number 1. melissa mccarty best supporting actress for her role in brides madz. -- mids. >> lillian doesn't know so it's surprise we are going to
8:49 pm
fight. >> we beat the [bleep] out of her. [ laughter ] >> bill: that looks like a brilliant performance. the actress' cousin, a cousin of one other celebrity? cards up please. the answer is jenny mccarthy. >> they kind of lookalike. >> yeah, they kind of lookalike. >> they do. in her eyes. there is something in the eyes. can i see in this family resemblance. >> bill: job if a lot of people are looking at jenny mccarthy's eyes but who knows. >> what are you looking at? >> bill: one of the most famous oscar acceptance speeches of all time came from sally field. >> i haven't had an orthodox career and i have wanted more than anything to have your respect. the first time i didn't feel it but this time i feel it. and i can't deny the fact that you like me. right now. [ laughter ] you like me. >> bill: i didn't know she was
8:50 pm
jewish orthodox career? i didn't know that that was from her speech after what oscar winning performance? cards up please, the answer is b. places in the heart. >> o for 2. maccallum ahead by one. >> i would have said a flying nun. >> first nominated for midnight in paris. did i see that and it was good. i lied before. he previously won for what film, best director? the answer is roll the tape. annie and i broke up, i can't get my mind around that i keep the pieces of the relationship through my mind and examining my life and trying to figure
8:51 pm
out where did the screw up come, you know? >> bill: it was a, annie hall. you got that right. doocy is unbelievable two for three. question number four, meryl streep nominated for playing more get thacher. >> true. >> sense the right honorable lady. >> nice honorable gentlemen could perhaps attend more closely to what i'm saying rather than how i'm saying it. he may receive a value i can't believe education in spite of himself. >> bill: okay. nice outfit. this is meryl streep's record 17th acting nomination. 17. all right? how many times has ms. streep actually won the academy award? >> bill: cards up, please? >> wrong answer is.
8:52 pm
>> d 2. doocy finally scored. like the anaheim ducks. he finally gets one in the third period. >> bill: maccallum is he creeping up. >> is he creeping up. >> bill: last question. you sound like rasmussen poll. creeping up. >> bill: are you happy you got that? >> billie crystal stepped in to host the oscars after eddie murphy dropped out this year. this will be his ninth time hosting second list most hosted academy awards? who is number one on that list? come on, doocy, get the card up. >> it's a or b. >> bill: the answer is roll the tape. >> seriously i'm honored to emcee these awards. helping hand out these oscars give me sort of an inner glow. it's more than a glow. i burn up. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. bob hope. you were disqualified.
8:53 pm
get your hand up to. >> you said roll the tape. i haven't seen anything yet. >> bill: let me break this to you. i'm the disqualifier. you ever disqualified. great american news quiz everybody, oscar edition. there they are. who wins now jimmy parker down in decatur. you win the big prizes. we will send noreen nice stuff. doocy blew it for you. >> i'm sending you snow tires. >> bill: pinheads and patriots up next. nancy pelosi threatens newt gingrich. he threatens the man. speaker calls her out. p and p moments away. announcerr favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums
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